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Paul M. Bullock



Paul Bullock was born March 26th, 1935 in Aberdeen, South Dakota.  Growing up in the era of the Great Depression Paul learned some valuable life lessons of which he passed on to his own children.  Paul is a veteran of the Korean War and shortly after returning home married his sweetheart Jean Ertz of Ipswich, South Dakota. 

From there Paul and Jean moved to Wisconsin where they went on to have 5 children, Patrick, Cheryl, Greg, Kevin and Keith.  Paul and Jean decided to move to Arizona.  They packed up the pick-up truck with their 5 children and a 14í U-Haul trailer and headed for the desert. 

Paulís biggest move however was his decision to follow his lifelong dream of being his own boss.  This move would prove to be challenging and full of sacrifices, but equally rewarding.  From the humble beginnings in the back yard, to the storage units, to the several different warehouses, each one a little bigger than the last to now owning a 40,000 sq ft warehouse, Paul never forgot where he came from and the lessons he learned along the way.

Paul believed that if you work hard, strive to do your best, have a passion for what you do, maintain your integrity and most of all always be honest, that the world was yours for the taking.  Paul not only believed this but lived this and has since instilled this in his children of which 4 are in the business today along with 5 grandchildren.  Paul went from someone just breaking into the restoration business learning as he went to one of the most respected in the industry.

Unfortunately, Paul is no longer with us on this earth, but we all know that he is still watching over his business, wife, kids, grandkids and his legacy will live on.



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