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  The single most important aspect of conducting a pack out

  of personal property is to have an accurate inventory of all





  All personal property is digitally photographed and

  a computer generated inventory is produced.  Here is an example

  of the types of detailed documentation that we provide to every






  Contents are then professionally wrapped, boxed, and outfitting

  for moving and transportation.  Sun-Brite has a full line of moving

  trucks and trailers specifically manufactured for transporting of

  our clients personal possessions.





  Contents are then off loaded into our 40,000 sq. ft. climate

  controlled warehouse facility.  This facility has individually

  locked units within the warehouse, 24 hr. monitored security

  and video surveillance to insure the safety of your families

  most prized possessions.





  Sun-Brite also has a separate lock up room for valuables such

  as jewelry, precious collections, guns, etc.  All weapons are kept

  in a gun safe.  Only the owners of Sun-Brite have access to this

  room and its accompanying safes.


  Sun-Brite has the most state of the art facility in the industry.

  We have the ability to store your possession long term if








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