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  A fire no matter how large or small can be very devastating. Along with 

  the fire and smoke damage you may also suffer from water damage and

  falling debris.  Quick response along with the many years of knowledge

  in the fire and water restoration industry helps to set Sun-Brite apart

  from the rest.  There are many things you will worry about after

  suffering a fire loss and that is where the experts at Sun-Brite come in. 

  Emergency services in getting contents out of the wet debris and into a

  secure dry environment may be necessary.  Sun-Brite will also

  document your loss, pack out all of the restorable contents, deodorize,

  restore the contents as needed, store and finally move and set up your

  contents back in your home.



Sun-Brite’s highly skilled and knowledgeable staff will conduct a contents evaluation and separate those contents that are restorable from those contents that are not restorable.  An up front evaluation of the contents is very important in establishing a course of action that is needed.  The evaluation not only will speed up the restoration process but will save time and money by not trying to restore contents that we already know can not be restored.  We also know that there are items that may not be completely restorable, but hold a sentimental value

and in some cases warrant a restoration attempt.



  A computer generated inventory of all of your restorable contents is

  conducted room by room.  This inventory will document what contents

  are restorable and from where in the house these contents were

  found.  Contents that do not fit in a box are given an item number that

  corresponds with the inventory along with codes that detail any

  specialty restoration needed.  Along with the inventory the contents

  are documented by photos.



A second computer generated inventory of all of your contents that are considered as non restorable is conducted room by room.  This inventory will itemize the contents lost and have columns for the current replacement values and approximate age.  By Sun-Brite itemizing your non restorable contents and you filling in the values and ages you will find in most cases a quicker reimbursement of funds.  Again along with the inventory is photo documentation which will help you in identifying contents.



  Restoration of your contents and bringing them back to a pre-loss or

  better condition is something Sun-Brite takes a lot of pride in.  Sun-

  Brite’s restoration services include, but are not limited to hardwood

  furniture restoration and refinishing, upholstered contents, photos,

  knick knacks, electronics, dishes, crystal, fine china, everyday

  housewares, etc.  If you can move it Sun-Brite will restore it.



Sun-Brite also has experts to restore contents such as fine oriental rugs, valuable art work, collectibles, antiques, guns and more.  We realize

that your contents are valuable and important to you so we have gone

to great lengths to insure that all of your contents are treated with the up most respect and care.



  Some fires are so devastating that there are not any restorable

  contents.  In these cases Sun-Brite will dig through debris and separate

  contents from the debris.  We will inspect and identify these contents

  and will conduct a non salvageable inventory along with photo



Not all fires are so severe and in some cases smoke damage and soot may not be visible or may be limited to a much smaller area.  In fires such as this an In-House cleaning and deodorization may be all that is needed.  Ozone deodorization and /or thermal fogging may be used in conjunction with air scrubbers.  A complete cleaning of both the structure and contents will be conducted.  Cleaning and sealing of the duct work along with cleaning and checking the air handlers is also conducted.  Cleaning includes, but is not limited to walls, windows, flooring, light fixtures, cabinets (in and out), fans, bath fixtures, window treatments, furniture, upholstery and all exposed contents.



  Sun-Brite not only handles the residential fires we also handle both

  small and large commercial fires.  From office buildings to warehouses

  to small stand alone businesses to hotels we can handle all of your

  contents needs and loss documentation both in written form and by

  photos.  We understand that it is important to get you back up and

  running as soon as possible and we strive to give you the very best

  service to accomplish that goal. 



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