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   Upon arrival we determine the extent of damage, including that which

   is not  visible using specialized tools.  Extract any standing water, 

   remove any wet materials as needed (carpet, pad, drywall, etc) Set up

   drying equipment and monitor structure until all wet materials are

   returned to a dry standard.





Thermohygrometer measures air temperature and humidity levels


Moisture Meters measure amount of moisture in various materials such as carpet, pad, drywall, wood, etc


Infrared Camera detects temperature differences in materials which allows us to determine the extent of possible damage more efficiently




  We use a variety of specialized types of equipment to remove the

   needed amount of moisture from the wet materials, these include:

  Air Movers which forces air flow in a particular pattern to help the

  process of evaporation (turning the water in materials into a vapor)

  Dehumidifiers which processes the vapor created by the air movers

  back into  a liquid and then removes it from the structure

  Electrical items that range from specialized power boxes and cords to

  trailer mounted generators to provide the needed electrical power on

  job sites where needed



Specialized Drying Situation #1

Drying behind custom built-ins, high end cabinets, etc.  We find ways (if possible) to attack and dry wet materials with minimal work to the actual cabinets.  Here we cut the drywall from rooms behind the cabinets and drilled vent holes to get air flow under the cabinets.




  Specialized Drying Situation #2

  Drying tile, granite, marble floors.  We can set up drying chambers 

  over the affected flooring which concentrates our dry efforts to the

  floor and allows a greater possibility of drying the flooring.



Specialized Drying Situation #3

Drying cavities between floors.  We can use a variety of equipment and set ups to dry wet materials between floors in both residential and commercials structures.

 The above listed drying situations are examples of jobs that we have done in the past.  Every job is different and therefore we assess each job to come up with the appropriate method of drying.  These examples make no promise that we dry every situation without performing tear out and removal of wet materials.



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