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  Mold remediation involves several steps from start to finish in order to

  have a successful remediation.  These steps include pre-testing, setting

  up of containments, installing HEPA air scrubbers, removal of

  contaminated materials, cleaning of structure, post-testing and drying

  of structure if necessary.





Pre-testing is performed to verify the nature and extent of the contamination and set the guidelines for remediation.  This test is performed by an independent industrial hygienist.  Once a scope of work is determined, the appropriate containments are set up for that

 job (this will vary from job to job).  The containment is used to isolate the affected area from the rest of the structure.





  Removal of affected materials can include cabinets, drywall, insulation,

  carpet, pad and other flooring.  These items are bagged and removed

  from the premises and disposed.





Cleaning of all materials inside the containment can include HEPA vacuuming, sanding and wipe down surfaces with an appropriate cleaning agent.  An air scrubber with a HEPA filter system is used through-out the remediation to process the air inside the containment.  This is used to collect air borne particles that canít be seen with the naked eye.  Cleaning is performed in steps and usual take multiple applications to be effective.





  Post-testing is performed after all remediation and cleaning has been

  completed.  The test results determine whether the remediation

  efforts were successful or if additional work needs to be performed. 

  The containment is then removed and drying or structural repairs can





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