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  At Sun-Brite, we take pride in the detail of refinishing and restoring all

  furniture pieces. Each piece is handled with care and is evaluated for its

  antique value. With more than 30 years of professional experience in

  the repair business, we guarantee all our work, from furniture repairs to

  reupholstery. Providing extremely honest customer service, we'll

  educate you on what we do and will actually walk you through the

  process of refinishing a product.



We can repair any wood breaks of your most valued furniture. We can also fix broken or cracked legs and arms, and can establish new supports in snapped or damaged wood. Meanwhile, we can make new arms or legs and splice them in like new.



  Reupholstery & Reconstruction

  We provide total reconstruction all the way down to the bare

  essentials. We can also repair any broken or damaged wood.

  Couches, Sofas, Loveseats, Chairs, & Chase Lounges



We offer a small selection of upholstery to choose from. Or, bring in quality fabrics for our designers to use. We can completely redo furniture from the frame up, including re-springing sofas, chairs, and chase lounges.



  Restoring Restoring

  Let our experienced craftsman remove those terrible scratches or chips.

  We use burn-in lacquer repair to fill in those damaged areas, and also

  clean the item from top to bottom.


We strip furniture down to its original wood, and sand and smooth everything.
All repairs are made to any damaged or worn areas (add color or fill-in). Then we stain and later spray on a finish with our environmentally-friendly water base finish to give the piece a lacquered appearance.
Veneer Repair Available
For Wood Tables, Chairs, Desks, Dressers, Armoires, Cabinets, Side Boards, Buffets, or Any Other Furniture Pieces



  Re-glues, drawers, slides, glides, & knobs.

  Dining Chair Re-glue, Joint Re-glue, Legs & Arms, Re-Glues, Drawers,

  Shelves, Panels Falling Off, Fabricate Missing Parts, Frames, Cross

  Supports, Broken Faces, Molding, Some Veneer, Apron Re-attachment

  If it is wood, there is a good chance that we can repair it. We use quality

  products and craftsmanship to make all our repairs strong and long



Wood, Finish & Color
Nicks, dents, scratches, gouges & burns in wood or finish.

Nicks, Dents, Scratches, Gouges, Cross Grain Scratch, Compression Dents, Décor and claw rebuilding, Missing Color, Mfg Fills, Chips, Splits, Finish Problems, Missing Chunks, Knot filled, Edge/Lip Rebuild, Broken Legs, arms, and wood components, Burns, Pet Damage, Water Damage, Fire Damage, Finish Scratches, Some veneers, Crushed Corners, Raised Wood, Chafed Color



  We are constantly testing new products from the major industry

  suppliers, and use only only the most durable and permanent products

  (such as epoxy fillers). This insures a stable and very permanent filling

  product. Our craftsmen in the wood shop have a combined experience

  of 85 years. Therefore no furniture task is too great for our staff.



Sun-Brite Professional Services, Inc.

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